Trailer Hitch Balls

If the trailer you need to tow has a coupler, then you will need a ball mounted on the ball mount of your hitch to complete the coupling. The ball is just as important and requires just as much care in selection as any other component required when coupling your trailer to your vehicle. Trailer balls come in multiple sizes, weight classes and finishes. Consider the following when choosing a ball to complete your coupling system.

  • Ball Diameter: Normally the trailer coupler will determine the ball diameter selected. You cannot use a ball size different than the size the coupler was made to use. Standard trailer ball diameters are 1 7/8-inch, 2-inch, 2 5/16-inch and rarely, 3-inch.
  • Shank Size: Normally the ball mount used will determine the shank size of the ball required since the hole in the ball mount should match the shank size. Never uses a shank size to small for the mounting hole. Since shank size also affects the weight the ball can handle make sure the shank size is large enough to handle the trailer load, if not reconsider the weight class of the receive hitch, ball mount and ball to determine if the system will support the trailer you wish to tow.
  • Shaft Length: Again shaft length will often be determined by the ball mount, as weights go up the mounting plates get thicker, make sure there is sufficient length for the threaded shaft to pass through the ball mount and allow the mounting nut to have plenty of thread room.

    Curt offers a wide selection of balls, styles and finishes please choose from the categories below.

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