5TH Wheel Hitches

When considering really heavy duty towing with tight turning radiuses for highway type vehicles and which exceeds the capabilities of receiver hitches then the 5TH wheel is one of the most common solutions available today. You see vehicles towing with 5TH wheels commonly on all the highways and byways all the time they are one of the major freight movers in this country the tractor-trailer. Many of the fancier RV trailers built today as well as heavy duty utility trailers utilize the 5TH wheel hitch.

A 5TH wheel is mounted in the bed of a truck normally over the rear axle allowing it to handle much larger loads than a hitch mounted at the back end of the frame. This mounting also contributes to the 5TH wheels ability for tight turning radiuses with a 5TH wheel the trailer and towing vehicle can bend almost into an L shape. Backing a trailer with a 5TH wheel is also enhanced allowing you to place the trailer precisely in narrow quarters.

Curt supplies different 5TH wheel solutions as well as heavy duty towing capacity for the heavy duty pick up trucks used by many today. Choose from the selections below.

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