Ball Mounts

A ball mount also called a 'stinger' or drawbar is a square steel tube with a thick monting plate which the trailer ball is mounted to. Ball mounts are made to change quickly to adapt to various towing needs by means of a special pin or locking device.

Ball mounts are divided into classes that define the trailer weight/tongue weight they may be used for safety NEVER exceed the recommended towing weights. Generally, Class I is for loads up to 2,000 lbs Class II for loads up to 3,500 lbs, Class III loads up to 7,500 lbs always check the specifications of the ball mount/receiver hitch.

Ball mounts are made with varying rise or drops to match tow vehicle to towed vehicle. The correct rise/drop is determined by selecting a rise or drop which will allow the tow vehicle and the towed vehicle to connect at the same height so both remain level when towing which helps prevent shifting and instability in the towed load.

Ball mounts are made in varying lengths to extend the tow ball safely out from the vehicle, but care should be taken not to extend to far which increases the tongue weight on the receiver.

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